Why Is Fleet Safety Important?

Why Is Fleet Safety Important?

Fleet managers are constantly working to keep their drivers safe. This is because corporations know that they are responsible for the health and well-being of the employees who drive their vehicles. At Pacific Driver Education, we are fleet driver training providers helping Beaverton companies protect their drivers and business. Accidents involving these drivers can be especially costly. Continue reading to learn how.


Insurance Claims

If a fleet driver has an accident, the chances are high that the claim will be written off to insurance companies. When an accident occurs while transporting valuable assets, complicated insurance claims will more than likely come into play and lead to higher premiums and inefficiency in process times. This means that fleets need to take extra precautions by offering high-quality fleet driver safety programs in order to avoid accidents and prevent the number of claims from growing. Smaller fleets can also benefit from this, as they tend to rack up more claims each year than larger firms do.


Downtime Loss

Fleets are sometimes faced with downtime loss when it comes to vehicle collisions because vehicles are out of commission until they are fixed or replaced completely after being involved in an accident with extensive damage. Additionally, if fleet drivers are unable to meet delivery needs in a timely manner due to the effects of an accident, then your company will have lost business opportunities. Reducing downtime and business loss can be achieved by running cost-effective and efficient driver training programs that help reduce the number of accidents and collisions that occur.


Court Fees

Court fees can add up if a claim goes into litigation because it will mean even more expenses for fleets who are required to pay court fees on top of any other costs attached to an accident, such as medical bills. If fleets want to avoid this sort of scenario altogether, they should enroll their fleets in fleet driver safety training so they can make safer decisions while behind the wheel.



In the eyes of the public, fleets are often seen as safe carriers. However, this reputation is put into jeopardy when vehicles get into accidents. This means that fleets need to work hard to encourage fleet safety training programs so they can enjoy a positive relationship with their customers and the public at large.

Protect your drivers, your community, and your business by investing in fleet driver training. At Pacific Driver Education, we help both your fleet managers and your drivers feel comfortable in tense situations on the road. Navigating routes all day long can be stressful, but with the right preparation and training, your company can thrive. Lower the risk of a costly car crash by contacting us today!