4 Reasons to Take Online Driving Classes With PDE

4 Reasons to Take Online Driving Classes With PDE

If you’re looking to drive on the road safely, getting the right coaching is essential. But in times of this pandemic, traditional driving classes are not feasible. The best bet for you is, therefore, to choose an online driver’s ed course. We at Pacific Driver Education take learning to drive to a whole new level by offering complete driver’s ed classes online. Visit us at 1520 NE 8th St or schedule a test online!


We Offer Separate Learning Paths

We at Pacific Driver Education believe everyone is different. People learn at their own pace and we have structured our curriculum reflecting this very concept. We offer separate learning paths for students and independent learners, focusing on the learning outcomes and hands-on experience via our online driving classes. Learning is easy and fun with us!


We Offer In-Person Training & Practice Sessions

Our online driver’s ed classes cover interactive online course material that you can complete at your own pace. This is followed by in-person training behind the wheel and practice sessions. A driving test and certificate of completion are also there to ensure your participation and validation at the end of the course.

Our instructors strictly comply with all COVID SOPs while interacting in-person with you to make sure you and your loved ones remain safe.


We Make You a Responsible Driver

Getting a proper and structured driving education will go a long way in making you more confident and safe on the road. Online driving ed that is tailored for your circumstances is the first step towards your journey of becoming a responsible driver.

We, at PDE, offer coaching from certified instructors. Their main focus is to make you a responsible driver, well aware of all traffic rules and regulations. With our Intro to Driving and Driver Ed classes online, we help you steer towards becoming an expert behind the wheel!


We Welcome People of All Ages

Everyone from students to adults as old as 85 years can enroll in our driver ed classes online to improve their driving skills or learn the fundamentals of driving. Driving is a crucial skill in the modern age and we at Pacific Driver Education are strong advocates of providing the best education possible in this regard to all persons, irrespective of age.

If you’re looking to sharpen your driving skills via a structured program tailored to your needs, visit Pacific Driver Education at 1520 NE 8th St during office hours to get enrolled! You can also join one of our many online driver’s ed courses by visiting our website or schedule a test!

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