Important Scheduling Notice

NOTE TO PARENTS OF TEENS: The current wait time for the Beaverton location is 8-10 weeks after you sign up, and about 6-8 weeks for the Gresham office. We will contact you in the order you register to set up your student's schedule.

If you do not see the office you need; we are sold out and you must check back again later.

Make sure to register on a computer or laptop. Mobile devices will not work for registration.

Private Drive Lessons


1 Lesson - 90 Minutes

Driving lessons are 90 minutes for each lesson. We have found that new drivers become tired after learning new skills, and keeping the drive lessons less than two hours is better for the student.

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2 Lessons - 3 hrs. total

The package includes Two 1.5-hour lessons for a total of 3 hours of driving lessons. Please keep in mind that lessons may be booked out for several weeks. Also, please note that taking drive lessons does not guarantee a successful DMV road test.

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4 Lessons - 6 hrs. total

This package includes four 1.5-hour lessons for a total of 6 hours of driving lessons. We offer lessons Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:45 AM - 4:30 PM. Please note that taking driving lessons does not guarantee a successful DMV road test.

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More Choices for the new driver


Driver Essentials Plus

This package includes everything that the "Driver Ed - Online Course" has, plus four in-car driving lessons and the DMV road test.

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Driver Essentials - an Online Course

This online class is divided into 18 chapters with 50 lessons(about 25 hrs) of online instruction, interactive sessions, and quizzes. The covered material is fresh and up-to-date, created by driving instructors with over a decade of teaching and training in the driver-ed world. Your student will have access to the latest technical information and Point-of-View (POV) videos that offer a real-time view of what can be expected when performing skills with smoothness and perfection. All of our lessons aim to create safer drivers with habits that will last a lifetime.

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ODOT Driver Ed Course


Gresham Spring 2024

ODOT Approved Driver Ed Course

for 15 to 17 age students

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Beaverton Spring 2024

ODOT Approved Driver Ed Course

for 15 to 17 age students

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ODOT Teen Class Update

Thank you for being so interested in driver training with Pacific Driver Education. We are proud to continue offering services even during the ongoing pandemic. Our safety protocols have kept our clients and instructors safe for over two years.

The chart below outlines the differences and advantages of each of our programs. If you prefer an ODOT course, we will publish a Spring course in Beaverton and Gresham. They will fill fast, so keep checking our website.

Driving Course Comparison copy.png

Teen Driver Education

No two teens are alike!

Most teens want to learn to drive but like everyone, they have different needs. When it comes to driving instruction, they need options. It’s important to families and driving schools to teach at times and in ways that meet those needs.

Some things to consider when choosing a driving program for your teenager:

  • Your student's learning style
  • School schedule
  • Extracurricular clubs
  • Sports schedules
  • Religious obligations
  • Family schedules
  • Part-time job

The Traditional Approach

  • 30 hours of required classroom seat time
  • Weekly driver education classroom time for 8 to 10 weeks
  • Six two-hour driving lessons with two student drive partners
  • Makeup time required if you fall below 30 hours
  • Both students must attend lessons, or they have to be rescheduled

A Self-Directed Approach to Driver Training

  • You can begin your course as soon as tomorrow - you are a class of one very important student
  • 30 hours of classroom work, delivered as an online, interactive course
  • Students can complete the online lessons at their own pace
  • Driving lessons are solo drives with an instructor
  • We will try to set up driving lessons to fit your student's schedule.
  • Please NOTE: the last lesson of the day will begin at 3:00 pm if you cannot make this work please contact us to work out a different schedule. We may not be able to accommodate everyone.
  • We do not offer driving lessons on weekends.
  • We have installed a two-way dash cam in each vehicle that is always in operation during drives for safety
  • A parent is always welcome to ride along during driving lessons