5 Ways Private Driving Lessons Make You A Better Driver

First, They Increase Your Confidence Level

When you’re able to work directly with a professional driving instructor, you have someone on your side who is highly experienced and has been chosen for this job because of his or her temperament and ability to remain calm during potentially stressful situations. Having an instructor like this working with you on your driving skills helps you to develop your own confidence in your driving abilities.

It’s far better to work with a qualified instructor who has been specifically trained for the job than to try to learn from a relative or friend. With professional driving lessons, you’ll learn to drive the right way from the start, and you’ll develop a sense of self-assurance in your driving skills that you may not get when you’re working with a relative whose expectations may be unrealistic.

They Help You With Your Weak Spots

Every driver has strengths and weaknesses — no exceptions. In driving school, your instructor is trained to spot your weaknesses and work on them, not only boosting your confidence, but teaching you how to master the areas in your driving abilities where you aren’t as strong. Whether you’re a brand new driver or you’ve been driving a while, this capacity to hone in on areas that need improvement and work with you until you’ve made progress will make you a better driver more quickly than if you were to try to overcome shortcomings on your own.

A Great Way To Get Back Into Driving If You’re Rusty

Has it been a while since you’ve driven? Whether you’ve stayed out of the driver’s seat due to injury, a prolonged illness, mental blocks, or any other reason, private driving lessons can get you back behind the wheel more quickly and effectively. What’s more, some driving rules may have changed; at driving school, you’ll learn what the current rules are in Oregon, enabling you to avoid breaking any when you’re on the road.

If You’re A New Driver, You’ll Learn Faster

If you’re brand new to driving, learn how to drive the right way from day one. Private driver’s education classes are designed to teach students how to drive in the most effective way possible so that new drivers learn quickly. Learning correct driving techniques from the start saves time in the long run, because you’ll avoid having to re-learn whatever you may have been doing wrong.


Stop Bad Practices Before They Become A Habit

Maybe you’ve been driving for a while, and you’ve picked up a few bad practices along the way. Private driving lessons can serve as a refresher, pinpointing any bad practices and correcting them before they become ingrained habits that are hard to break.

Private Driving Lessons In Gresham, Oregon

Here at Pacific Driver Education, we offer options for Oregon drivers of all ages and abilities. If you’re looking for private driving lessons in Gresham or beyond, you can choose from single drive lessons, teen driver education, adult driver education, introduction to driving, and our very popular four-lesson package. Contact us today for additional information. We can help you improve your driving skills, whatever your ability.