Six tips for driving in the fog

Driving in the fog can be one of the most dangerous driving situations you will encounter. Foggy weather is the number one cause of multi-car pile-ups. That being said, there are six things you can do to reduce your risk of getting into a crash.

First, and most important, slow down and increase your following distance. When you reduce your speed you will have more time to react in the limited visibility condition.

Second, make sure your lights are on and only use your low beams. Turning on your high beams will make the light reflect back and actually decrease your ability to see well. Activate your fog light if you have them, they will light up the sides of the roadway and help you to better see the road makers.

Third, use your wipers and defrosters to clear your windows of excess moisture.

Fourth, limit the distractions in your car. Turn off your music so you are better able to hear what is going on outside, put your coffee down and leave your phone alone. All your focus needs to be on driving safely.

Fifth, roll your window down a bit so you can hear the ambient noise of other cars. Many times you will be able to hear them coming at you before you are able to see them.

Sixth, when an oncoming car’s headlights make it difficult to see, look to the fog line on your right. Place that line in the center of your hood and you will be about a foot away from the edge of the road. That will give you plenty of room incase the oncoming car drifts over the yellow line.

Above all, be patient. Come to the realization that your travel time will increase and there is nothing you can do about it. If you would like to learn more we offer private drive lessons for adults and teens. Or if want more tips for driving in the winter read our post on driving in the snow.