Private Driving Lessons for Teens

Pacific Driver Education provides private driving lessons for your teens! This ensures your teen to have individual and extra help when behind the wheel! This will help them improve their driving skills and their knowledge of safety while driving a vehicle. We do not charge an additional fee to pick you up anywhere in the Portland metro area and if you live further than this, feel free to call Pacific Driver Education at 503-766-3567.

We offer a private driving lesson package which includes four 1.5-hour lessons (6 hours total) all for just $395. This will save you $105 over the single lesson packages! This amazing package includes many in depth lessons. Your teen will learn the visual skills necessary to correct mirror settings, targeting, line of sight, path of travel, model driving habits, and reference points. They will learn vehicle movement in a precise and timely manner to avoid conflict with others, and pre-drive procedure including use of vehicle controls, door locks and head restraints, day-use headlights and use of restraint systems. They will also learn basic maneuvers such as starting, stopping, backing, vehicle control, speed control, parking, pulling to and from the curb and much more. They will not only learn basic maneuvers but complex maneuvers as well such as entering and exiting intersections.

Register your teen at Pacific Driver Education and start their path to safe driving!