More Wisdom for Teen Drivers

In a previous blog post, we discussed how driving lessons in Gresham, and well as other strategies and bits of wisdom, can help your teen succeed on the road. We’ll discuss that topic again here, we even more words of advice that can help your teen driver develop essential driving skills!

Start small.

Driving can be exhausting for just about everyone—but it’s even more exhaustive for teens who are learning to drive as they drive. Watching for pedestrians, staying between the lines, and following all traffic rules and regulations might be old hat to you, but it’s not natural to new drivers. Make them drive on a long road trip right off the bat, and they’ll be stressed out, exhausted, and prone to making critical mistakes on the road.

When your teen is getting behind the wheel for the first time, start small—drive around the block or to the grocery store first, and assess their confidence. Once they’re comfortable with such a short drive, try something a bit longer, like a trip to a nearby neighborhood. Continue this process until you’ve worked your way up to highway trips or trips to nearby towns. With this method, your child will be more than ready to take on longer road trips and feel comfortable enough to spend long periods of time behind the wheel!

Experiment in a variety of weather conditions.

Oregon is infamous for its heavy rainstorms. They’re just a part of life in this neck of the woods—and they can alter how you behave on the road. If your teen is going to be a safe and skilled driver, they need to know how to drive in any and all conditions, whether it’s wind, snow, rain, or even just nighttime driving—so take them out for driving sessions in these conditions so they can pick up valuable experience and receive guidance on hazards that could arise.

There are plenty of ways to drive during hazardous weather without overwhelming your teen right off the bat. Instead of taking your teen to a busy freeway during a snowstorm, let them feel things out in an empty, snow-covered parking lot or on quiet neighborhood streets. This will eliminate extra stimulation and busyness on the road and allow them to focus on how their car handles on wet, snowy, or slushy roads. Plus, they’ll be able to test out the brakes without any nervous or angsty drivers behind them.

The more prepared your teen is for a variety of driving scenarios, the more confidence they will have and the safer they will be. Expose them to different driving conditions, and empower them with driving confidence!

Enroll your teen in a driving school in Gresham.

Sometimes, your child needs a fresh voice for their driving education. You spend a ton of time instructing, lecturing, and guiding your child in all aspects of life—so let the driving school professionals pick up some of the slack.

At Pacific Driver Education, we understand that the safest and most skilled drivers have a comprehensive driving education from the moment they start driving—that’s why we provide diverse and comprehensive driving courses that promote defensive and safe driving habits, and skilled driving maneuvers. Learn more about our course selections, and enroll your teen today!