Simple Tips To Keep Your “New” Car Clean

Whether you are training for an upcoming driver’s test, celebrating the accomplishment of passing your exam, or just getting back out on the road for the first time in a while, you have a vehicle to accompany each journey with you! This car might be “used” as opposed to genuine “new” status, but regardless it is new to you!

As you gaze over your new vehicle, you notice how clean it looks, and instantly know you would prefer to keep it that way. With all of your friends, family, and even animals wanting to check it out or hop in for a ride, you realize it may be more difficult to keep it clean than you had thought.

Have no fear! Pacific Driver Education is here to provide you with several tips on keeping that “new” car clean! Pacific Driver Education has been serving the state of Oregon with ODOT approved driver education for years, and we have seen thousands of cars in the process. Some of those cars are impressively pristine, while others are an utter mess. Read on to see how you can upkeep your car and avoid being one of the messy ones.

Avoid Leaving Trash in the Car Between Trips

We have all had trash in our cars at one point or another, but pulling that trash out once your destination is reached can be all the difference between a clean and messy car. Creating the habit of emptying out waste each trip can ensure that heaps and piles of garbage do not mount up in the backseat or floorboards.

If you are not good at emptying out your vehicle frequently, then keeping a trash can in the car can assist in that process. While there are several car trash cans available on the market, anything as simple as a grocery bag will spark usage and minimize the negative impact that a pile of trash has on a car’s appearance.

Shake Those Floor Mats Out!

Shaking floor mats out regularly can greatly reduce the built-up dirt in a car, and maximize time in between full vacuums. Certain seasons bring more debris, meaning you may find yourself pulling those mats out more often with each change in weather.

Pro-Tip: Tell your passengers to kick their feet off before entering the car! A simple command can greatly reduce track-ins of dirt, so don’t be scared to speak your mind! (Your car will thank you)

Cupholders are NOT Storage

Have you ever gotten in someone’s car and noticed a crowded, sticky mess in the center console? Piles of napkins, change, soda residue, and even ashes! Did the thought of having to reach in it make you almost get out of the vehicle completely? Don’t follow the trend; keep your cupholder clean!

Keeping a cupholder clean shares many similarities to the first tip in our guide, removing trash. It’s totally normal to get a giant fountain drink or delicious milkshake and take it with you on the road. When you get out of the car, remove the cup from the holder to prevent condensation and puddled sludge. Consistent removal goes for all forms of cupholder trash to ensure cleanliness.

Pro-Tip: Keep a stack of napkins or tissues in your glove compartment for a quick fix to cupholder spills.

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