Caring For Your First Car

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you get your very first car, it feels like your entire life has just blossomed like a butterfly from a cocoon. It doesn’t even really matter if your first car is a hand-me-down from another family member, a proud purchase that you saved for years to make, or a generous gift from mom and dad for your sixteenth birthday because that car is yours no matter where it came from or what it looks like.

In today’s blog from Pacific Driver Education, we’re going to teach you how to take great care of your car. From basic maintenance to establishing a loving moniker, we will help you express your pride and love for the vehicle that will always be your first.

Drive Safely

Part of you may want to test your new car’s limits by speeding, driving aggressively, and generally “putting it through the paces.” However, you know what new parents don’t do with their newborns? Take them drag racing. Your first car is special — it is going to provide you with mobility, freedom, and all kinds of new opportunities. But it can’t do that if you wreck it or lose your license because you are breaking the law or driving dangerously.

If you really want to make sure that you’re driving as safely as possible, sign up for driving lessons with Pacific Driver Education in Gresham. We can teach you everything you need to be a driver your new car will be proud to partner with.

Schedule or Perform Regular Maintenance

Your car is a machine and needs to be maintenanced to stay running healthy for the long haul. Regular maintenance like oil changes, engine filter changes, cabin filter changes, oil filter changes, and brake fluid flushes and brake replacements will keep you safe while keeping your first car running for years to come. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance with a trusted mechanic or learn how to do it yourself to save some of your hard-earned money.

Keep It Clean

A regular exterior wash will keep your car looking great and prevent rust. Detailing the inside of your car every now and then will help keep it feeling fresh and fancy while you drive. The key to keeping a clean car is prevention. If it never gets too bad, then it’s never too hard to get clean. After all, the best way to clean mashed up french-fry out of the rug is to avoid it in the first place.

Give Your Car a Name

Finally, you’re proud of your car. Go the extra mile to put it on a pedestal and give it a name. Whether that name is flashy, humble, or somewhat comical, it will be perfect because it came from you.

Learn From Pacific Driver Education Today

Be the driver that your first car deserves and take great care of it. Remember, just like in this blog, taking great care of your car starts with being a good driver. To sign up for driving lessons with Pacific Driver Education, visit our “services” page online.