10 Tips For Beginning Drivers

Driving a car looks pretty easy. I mean, there are those pedals on the floor for “stop,” and “go,” there is the wheel for turning, and you know you need to wear your seat belt. What else to it is there? The answer? A LOT!

Driving a car is one of the most complex mental and motor tasks that a person can perform. Managing three vectors of acceleration, staying aware of the conditions, cars, and signs around you, and reacting to dangerous and unpredictable situations are all normal experiences pretty much every time you get into a car.

In today’s post from Pacific Driver Education in Gresham, we’re going to cover 10 important tips for new drivers. These tips are meant to help you keep all of the safety-oriented items and good habits at the top of your list when you get into a car, so you can go out and be a responsible driver.

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Our list does not cover topics that are against the law like failure to wear your seatbelt, driving drunk, or speeding. These are illegal actions that every single driver on the road needs to obey. If you’re not remembering them, then any other tips we can give you aren’t going to do you, or the people on the road with you, much good.

1. Enroll at Our Driving School in Gresham

Taking a driving class from a reputable driving school can make you a better driver, but it can also save you money. Some insurance carriers give discounts for proof of a completed driver education course with a company like Pacific Driver Education.

2. Practice

Start small. Get used to your vehicle’s size, turning radius, and blindsopts first. Then work your way around the neighborhood, practicing three-point turns and parallel parking in light traffic. Next, make your way onto busier city streets, and once your confidence and skills have improved, onto the highway. Practice will help you improve.

3. Avoid Distractions

Driving requires 110% of the attention you have to give. Playing with the radio, eating, and talking with friends all take away from your ability to stay focused on being a safe driver.

4. Put the Phone Away

The biggest distraction of all is your phone. Unless you have it cradled for GPS, there is no good reason to be using it while you are driving. Don’t call or answer calls unless you pull over, and never text. Not even while stopped at a red light.

5. Never Tailgate

So much of avoiding an accident has to do with how much time you have to identify the threat, react, and stop or move your vehicle into another lane. When you tailgate, you reduce your time to accomplish these things down to almost zero. Furthermore, in almost every situation, the driver who rear-ended another driver is considered to be at fault.

6. Check Your Blindspots

It’s easy to get comfortable and only rely on your mirrors. Make sure to keep your neck loose by making sure to briefly check over your shoulders to guarantee your blind spots are clear before changing lanes or merging.

7. Stay Vigilant For Road Signs

Avoid tickets by watching for speed limit signs. Avoid accidents by watching for traffic control changes. Avoid missing your exit or turn by knowing what lanes you need to be in. It really is that simple.

8. Use Your Turn Signals

Always remember that no one else on the road knows what you are thinking or about to do next. Using your blinker sends a literal signal to other drivers as to your intentions and is the best way to avoid accidents when changing lanes.

9. Practice Defensive Driving

You can’t control the way other people drive. But you can control where your vehicle is in relationship to theirs. Give yourself distance from erratic, dangerous drivers, and you’ll avoid a lot of stress and risk.

10. Limit Your Number of Passengers

Early on, the temptation is to give all of your friends rides wherever and whenever they need to go. It can really make you feel important, helpful, and special. But while you’re learning to be the best driver you can be, a car full of people can be a dangerous distraction.

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