Oregon Drivers Education-Prepare Your Teen

Is your teenager prepared for all of the variables that await him or her on the open road? You hope the answer to that question is yes, but how can you be sure? When you enroll your teens in one of our Oregon drivers education programs you can sleep tight at night knowing that we are arming them with all the tools they will need for a lifetime of good habits behind the wheel. Our number one priority is making your teen a safe and responsible driver. Now let’s talk about some of those aforementioned variables that your teen may encounter…

You’d be surprised at the number of people who are not sure what to do if they get pulled over. When I was in high school, equipped with a brand spanking new drivers license, I was driving on the highway one day when I suddenly saw flashing lights behind me. I was in the far left lane so I began pulling over to the left; it seemed like the logical thing to do. Suddenly I hear the police officer announcing over his PA system, “Please pull over to the right when you find a safe route.” I had no idea I was doing anything wrong and I was mortified as I was getting a lecture from the cop. We will make sure your teen knows this and other important rules and guidelines to follow when getting pulled over such as keeping their seatbelt fastened and staying in their vehicle.

Learning to be a defensive driver—and passenger—is an important lesson that is often overlooked. Sadly, there are a lot of irresponsible and intoxicated drivers on the road and there are certain defensive skills, such as being aware of what is beside and behind you as well as in front of you at all times, that every driver should master. Your teen should also be aware of the dangers of being a passenger when their driver has been drinking as well as the importance of reporting suspected drunk driving. We will equip your teen with all the information necessary to make smart decisions in unfortunate, yet often unavoidable, situations.

While everything we teach at our driving school in Portland, Oregon is designed to make your teen a safe and responsible driver, sometimes accidents are unavoidable; that’s why they call them accidents. We will make sure your teen knows exactly what to do in case of a wreck. Knowing how to stay calm and follow procedure in the aftermath of an accident will also help your teen return to the road with confidence.

We cover topics such as these as well as a plethora of other important driving guidelines. Our goal is to send the safest, most prepared drivers out onto the Oregon roadways. When it comes to drivers ed in Oregon, Pacific Driver is the only place to send your teen. Give us a call today for registration info.