Nervous For Your Drive Test? Here Are Some Tips

When teenagers first begin to drive, there is a lot of excitement and possibility — they can drive to school themselves, drive to soccer matches, to friends houses on the weekends, to the mall. They first get behind the wheel and there may be some initial hesitations about being in control of such a large machine, but after a few weeks, and then months, it starts to become more natural. But there’s one final step that they have to overcome before they can really taste the freedom of the open road — the DMV driving test.

At Pacific Driver Education, we have taught hundreds of students to overcome their initial nervousness, watched them become masters of the wheel, and have seen them pass their tests with flying colors. But for some, the nervousness that comes before taking that final test can be overwhelming, often enough to cause them to fail the test. At our driving school, we offer the tools and problem-solving skills for students to feel confident on the road, but it’s often a challenge to teach a new driver how to not be nervous for a test.

If you’re preparing for your final DMV drive test, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help calm you down. If you want additional driving lessons before you take the test, get in touch with Pacific Driver Education in Gresham, OR to sign up for our driving school.



In Oregon, a new driver needs to have their learner’s permit at least six months before taking a driving test for their driver’s license. This gives you plenty of time to practice driving and to learn all the rules of the road. Drive frequently, with different people, on different roads, and if you can, drive in different conditions. This will help you get a wide range of driving experiences.

Get There Early

You need to arrive at the DMV 15 minutes before your test. This time will ensure that you have everything you need and will allow the DMV time to prepare. This time will also give you a chance for your nerves to hopefully settle down before the actual test. You don’t want to get there too early, though, this may only give you extra time to worry about not doing well.

Listen to Your Favorite Song Before

Sometimes, the hardest part of the driving test is not having anything to listen to while you’re driving. The test administrator will be giving you directions, so it’s important to listen carefully. But if you have a favorite song, blast it on the way to the DMV and you can have it in your head for the test. If it’s not a favorite song, do something that makes you feel calm and comfortable before going into the test.


Think Through Each Movement

As the administrator is giving you directions, listen closely and keep them in mind as you driving. Focusing on each movement will help you make sure that nothing was missed. Look out for stop signs, watch out for speed limit signs and remember what it is, keep a safe distance before the car in front of you, don’t cross the line at an intersection, always use your turn signal, etc. These are all of the things that you will practice doing in our driving school, so it should be second nature to you by the time the test comes around.

Think About the Possibilities!

If you’re really nervous, just imagine you’re driving alone, headed to a friend’s house (just don’t forget to listen to the directions). If it’s not distracting, think about how in just a few minutes, you could have an official Oregon driver’s license! You can start driving yourself wherever you want to go. For some people, the excitement may outweigh the nervousness.

Tests can sometimes be nerve-wracking no matter what the test is, just remember to breathe and stay confident in yourself! After some lessons at our driving school, we’re confident that you will ace the driving test. Call us today to sign up for a class!