Fleet Driving Lessons For International Drivers

Fleet vehicles make up a big part of the traffic on the roads, whether it’s delivery services, truck drivers, or salesmen who own company cars. What we may not realize is that a part of this traffic may be international drivers who aren’t familiar with U.S. traffic laws or other rules of the road. Some international companies bring their employees into the U.S. for special training, conferences, or even jobs. But if you have been out of the country, or have tried to drive out of the country, you know that not every nation has the same rules or customs when it comes to driving. That’s where Pacific Driver Education comes in.

Located in Gresham, Oregon, Pacific Driver Education offers fleet driving lessons for anyone who wants to be a safer, more efficient driver. Our driving school has DMV certified instructors who have years of experience and offer thorough training in a variety of situations. Whether you’re an employee of a local fleet, or this is your first time driving on American soil, we can help you learn the rules and drive confidently behind the wheel.


When you work with us, you can expect compassionate instructors who are patient with everyone who gets in the car with them. To be a proficient driver, it takes a lot of practice and knowledge, which is what you will gain after attending our driving school classes. Like many things, it can be challenging to teach driving skills in a way that is easily understood. But with hands-on driving lessons and classroom sessions, you will get experience and knowledge in no time.

To get started, we want to offer some basic help and information for those new to driving in the states.

If you’re an international driver coming to the U.S. Short Term

For anyone who is visiting the states for one year or less, it’s best to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP). This official document doesn’t take the place of your current driver’s license, but instead takes the information on the license and translates it into English. Your name, date of birth, photograph, and other identifying information will be on the license.

It’s important to note that:

  • The country you are visiting does not issue the IDP, you will need to apply through your home country.
  • When you are driving in the U.S., you will need to have both your home license and the IDP.
  • The IDP is also not an official form of documentation.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen (staying in the U.S. longer than a year), you will need to apply for a government-issued driver’s license. Pacific Driver Education can help you gain the necessary driving skills and knowledge to pass your DMV driving test.


When you do obtain a driver’s license or IDP, we want to make sure you are safe on the road. Here are some basic tips to help you out.

  • State vs. Federal Laws: The state of Oregon has their own laws on driving, but so does the federal government, which regulates the nation’s driving laws. For example, texting and driving is banned in Oregon, but there isn’t a national ban for texting while driving.
  • Basic Rules:
    • The blood alcohol content limit for drivers is .08 percent.
    • You must stop at all STOP signs.
    • You must wear your seatbelt.
    • Obey traffic lights.
  • Passing Vehicles: Only pass vehicles when there is a dotted line and the road is clear. If you are a slow driver and have the opportunity, pull over to let faster drivers pass.
  • Buying Gas: A majority of vehicles, other than semi trucks and larger vehicles, use unleaded gas.
  • Insurance: Oregon requires insurance in order to drive a vehicle.
  • Interstate Exits: Exit numbers aren’t necessarily in sequential order, but are based on the number of miles you have driven on the interstate. For example, if you pass exit 10 and drive for 14 miles, the next exit will be 24, not 11.

Being an international driver in the states can be intimidating, but it’s not impossible! The instructors at Pacific Driver Education started their driving school in order to help everyone become a better, more efficient, and more confident driver. Fleet drivers spend a lot of time on the road and it’s important to have a full understanding of the rules and laws.