Why Drive With Ed?

If you already have your driver’s license, do you remember how you learned how to drive? Who taught you how to drive? Many of the people already on the road learned how to drive from either of their parents, and they still remember feeling frustrated when a parent slammed on the imaginary passenger side brake pedal when they came up to a stop sign too quickly. But believe it or not, there are better ways for someone to learn how to drive.

Why Learn How to Drive With Private Driving Lessons?

Are You New to Driving?

After years of having to rely on your parents to drive you to friend’s houses, to parties, to the movies, to soccer practice, it’s finally time to start learning how to drive for yourself! But getting your driver’s license can be a process, it takes time and practice, there is a lot of learning, and a big, nerve-wracking final exam at the end.

Sure, your parents can show you the ropes in the school parking lot, making you feel more nervous than you should be when you push the gas pedal and the car jolts ahead. They can be by your side for the first time on the road, tightly squeezing the door handle — but are they really the best person to teach you when they haven’t had any new training in decades?


Before you can take your final drive test, you need 100 hours of supervised driving time with an adult. When you take private driving lessons from Pacific Driver Education, you only need 50 hours of time behind the wheel. And if you’re nervous about taking that final test, it might give you some peace of mind knowing that teens who complete an ODOT-approved private driving course are more likely to pass the test on their first try.

So, would you rather learn how to drive with someone who may not have the best driving practices? Or with someone who is familiar with the latest vehicle technology, driving laws, and will decrease your chances of getting into a car accident?


Are You the Parent of a New Driver?

The time has finally come — your child has reached the age where it’s time for them to learn how to drive. It’s nerve-wracking, we know, thinking about your grown-up kid being in control of a very powerful machine. But knowing that it will happen one way or another, wouldn’t it feel safer knowing that they’re being trained by a professional?

When your kid takes private driving lessons from Pacific Driver Education, they can:

  • Cut the required number of supervised driving hours in half.
  • Learn from an ODOT-approved driving instructor who will always have the best driving practices.
  • Become a safer, more confident driver.
  • Possibly avoid having to take a DMV drive test altogether.
  • Decrease their chances of being convicted of a speeding ticket.
  • Decrease their chances of being in a car accident.
  • Help you avoid having to spend money on hospital visits.
  • Help you save money on your car insurance.
  • Live longer.
  • Save you time by driving themselves to soccer practice, friend’s houses, parties, and to the movies.

Want other helpful information about getting a DMV drive test waiver and where to locate the nearest driver education course? Visit Why Drive With Ed. Or you can contact the team at Pacific Driver Education to learn more about our private driving courses.