Essential Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

Fleet driver safety training is the most cost efficient way to increase any company’s productivity and ensure public and driver well being. Any smart business person who handles large teams of drivers traveling the highways and interstates of this country knows this. So what are some the essential elements of a fleet driver safety program? How do you make the cost of training pay off with increased driver efficiency and public safety? Here are some key components of a successful fleet safety program.

  • Screen your drivers: Screening your drivers will help you create a safe reliable team of professionals. Make sure you check each employees driving record meticulously for behaviors that might be detrimental to your crew’s performance.
  • Choose a reliable fleet training school: At Pacific Driver Education our instructors are all certified by the DMV and ODOT Transportation Safety Division. We provide training for companies so that they can manage risks, increase driver efficiency and lower insurance premiums.
  • Managing accidents, when they occur: Have a system in place to quickly mitigate the damage done by accidents. Make sure your drivers understand what they are to do in the event of an accident and have these policies clearly posted.
  • Properly maintain all vehicles: By keeping your vehicles in good condition and by keeping records of all inspections and repairs, your company can reduce cost and avoid unexpected breakdowns.
  • Reward safe driving: As an incentive, reward drivers whose records are exemplary and strictly stick to safety procedures. Creating a program that gives drivers tangible rewards encourages safe driving and builds company morale. Incentives can range from financial remuneration to a mere mention in the company’s newsletter to a plaque.
  • Include the latest safety technology: GPS, software systems can be enormously helpful in creating a world class fleet driver safety program. These technologies can detect where drivers are at any given moment, help increase fuel efficiency and gives owners a whole host of other useful metrics they can use in managing their fleets.

All these elements are essential to effective fleet driving. However, the most important element to such a program is commitment on the part of management. Management must be committed from the top down to improve driver performance and lessen the burden of accidents. In this way the small investment in having one’s fleet properly trained will be well worth the cost. Smart business persons know that maintaining any business is a matter of managing risks and making wise investments in the future growth and prosperity of their companies. We can help businesses achieve both goals when they choose us to train their fleet drivers.