Driving Tips For Heavy Rain

Driving Tips For Heavy Rain: Ask yourself this question: How many times have you been driving during a heavy rain when suddenly someone speeds past you as if weather conditions were favorable and visibility was clear? If you are like many people the answer is probably frequently. This type of driver creates hazardous situations and is all too common on our nation’s roads. Pacific Driver Education can provide you with an Oregon drivers education that will help you deal with these kinds of circumstances.

Slow Down: Slowing down not only puts more distance between your car and the one in front of you, but it also gives you more time to make decisions should an emergency arise.

Increase Distances (3 Second Rule): Even excellent drivers whose brakes are in top condition need this extra distance. Cars moving along wet roads create a spray that could obscure the visibility of other drivers. Also, the distances that are required for a car to brake are dramatically increased on wet roads.

TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS: When it is raining heavily, the sky is dark as well. Turn on your headlights but don’t use your high beams. The extra light can refract against the rain and obscure the vision of other drivers. Don’t use rear fog lights; they can mask your brake lights and daze drivers behind you.

Beware of hydroplaning: If your steering suddenly feels light you could be hydroplaning. To regain control, ease off the accelerator, don’t brake and instead allow your speed to decrease until you gain control again. Reduce the chances of hydroplaning by avoiding sudden brakes and turns.

Avoid Off Road Driving: Becoming stuck in a puddle is a great danger when driving during a heavy rain. It is difficult to judge the depth of puddles through observation alone. Also, never drive through moving water. Your car may be swept away by currents.

Turn on Your Defrosters: Use your AC, heat or rear defrosters to eliminate condensation and increase visibility.

Listen to Your car radio: Listen to local bulletins to keep up-to-date on road closures, flooding and forecasts, etc. Conditions change rapidly during bad weather and having this information could be critical.

Ideally, you should know the forecast and avoid driving when it calls for heavy rain. Sometimes, however, we are already on the road when a downpour begins. It is during such times that it becomes necessary to stay calm and use common sense. Pacific Driver Education can give you the basics you need to help you cope better with the emergency driving conditions created by inclement weather. We are a Beaverton driving school that is DMV and ODOT Certified. We provide private driving lessons in Beaverton, Oregon that will have you road ready whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver looking to sharpen his/her skills.