Driving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Driving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

When new drivers stay in their "comfort zone," they feel protected and at ease. This is natural for each of us. When we are in this space, life is steady and foreseeable. However, the drawback of staying in this cozy bubble is that it hinders our learning and growth and diminishes our life experiences.

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Transition From Your "Comfort Zone"

Many novice drivers are hesitant to venture beyond their familiar and safe confines – like a deserted parking lot or in a familiar neighborhood. The key is encouraging new drivers is to help them transition from their "comfort zone" to a "growth zone". while assuring them they won't enter the dreaded "danger zone," which lurks just one step away from disaster.

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Join Us In The "Growth Zone"

As new drivers learn and develop their skills, they in turn expand their "comfort zone" and begin to feel more in control. Drivers who trust that they won't be put in harm's way will join us in the "growth zone," resulting in an enlarged "comfort zone." This approach allows us to guide new drivers from simple parking lot drives to driving safely on the freeway by their fourth or fifth lesson.

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Increase Confidence

We offer these individuals a life-altering experience. When we highlight their progress by comparing past and present achievements, they leave not just with a driver's license, but with increased confidence and an expanded "comfort zone" that will continue to expand and grow. Success indeed begets success.


Achieve Personal Growth

Applying this newfound realization in every aspect of life encourages the mindset: "If I can achieve this, then I can accomplish a more complicated skill." Broadening your "comfort zone" paves the way for countless opportunities, learning experiences, and personal growth and can even lead to a safer more informed driver.