Combat the Dangers of Distracted Driving with our Driving School in Portland Oregon

Pacific Driver Education is a driving school in Portland Oregon that believes in the importance of a well-rounded drivers education. One second or less is all that it takes. Yes, for a life that has perhaps just recently begun or perhaps one that has been around for many decades, one second is all that is needed. That’s all the time that it takes for a life to be ended or changed by an accident caused by a distracted driver. Usually this moment of distraction is over a simple, meaningless thing like a text or phone call or bite to eat, but the consequences can often be devastating. Arrest, traffic tickets, death or injury, property damage and higher insurance rates are just a few of the dangerous consequences of distracted driving.

With so many in-car technologies to distract us these days (e.g, cell phones, tablets, GPS), it is easy for some people to forget that the most important thing to do while driving a car is just that – driving. But in fact some do. This is why the National Safety Council has found that at least 28% percent of vehicle crashes are caused by texting and cell phone use alone. So serious is the problem that texting bans are now enforced in 39 states and it is soon expected to expand to all 50 states. Along with cell phone use, the other things that can cause a driver to become distracted are adjusting the radio, unruly children, programming the GPS and anything else that takes a driver’s mind off the round for even that one second…or less.

Our government is trying to do what it can with laws that stiffen penalties for distracted driving and that regulate the use of devices that also contribute to the problem. However, the problem can only be resolved with education on the consequences of distracted driving and better training for drivers who may encounter a distracted driver. Pacific Driver Education is a driving school in Portland Oregon that strongly supports the message that distracted driving is an anathema to responsible motor vehicle operation. We also provide an Oregon drivers education that can better prepare you to react to someone else’s carelessness when driving. This is why we train drivers to drive defensively, to know the rules of the road and how to handle the vehicle as if it is the most important thing to be thinking about while driving – because it is.

Yes, unfortunately even with the laws that are now taking shape all over the country some people will continue to take the privilege of driving lightly. People who drive while distracted believe that they are unlikely to cause harm to themselves or others but there are many stories in the news that prove this otherwise. We at Pacific Driver Education will continue to advocate and train our students to honor the privilege of driving as doing so saves lives.