Why Your Teen Will Be A Safe Driver

For many parents, a new teen driver can be a stressful and worrisome time. However, at Pacific Driver Education, your teen will get the highest quality teachers and education when it comes to driving and safety.

Pacific Driver Education is both DMV & ODOT Certified. ODOT rules state that all students must participate in at least 30 hours of classroom instruction. This is important because many driving schools today are all online. Nothing compares to a quality education in a classroom setting. Your teen will also receive behind the wheel instruction and must participate in six two-hour driving lessons. This will help prepare your teen for the real driving world and can experience it for themselves first hand. ODOT requires that all students drive with a licensed adult driver for a minimum of five hours during the duration of the driver education course. We also provide private driving lessons that can only benefit your child when behind the wheel.

Also, in addition to the training your teen will be receiving, implementing a parent teen driving contract can also keep your teen safer. It will be an overview of the responsibilities and privileges of what is expected of both you and your teen. This too can only benefit you and your teen because since driving is such a high-risk activity, having open communication explaining privileges, with detailed responsibilities and all the consequences involved can prevent your teen from being involved in any dangerous situation while behind the wheel.

You can register your teen for a certified ODOT driving course at Pacific Driver Education online or by calling 503-766-3567. We look forward to teaching your teen to be a safe driver!