Who will teach your children to drive?

Why Formal Driver Education is best, instead of having Uncle Bill teach your kid to drive. . . .

A formal driver education training curriculum is seen as an effective alternative to "trial and error" learning, especially given that errors can have such profoundly negative consequences.

  • Students who take a formal driver education course in addition to driving with parents are nearly three times LESS likely to be involved in fatal or injury crashes.
  • New drivers who are on the road with a friend in the car are 100% more likely to be in a crash than new drivers who are alone. With three friends in the car, a new driver is 400% more likely to be in a crash. Why? Friends are major distractions, and new drivers need to focus on the complicated task of driving.
  • The ODOT-approved Driver Education curriculum is of such high quality that states including Washington, North Dakota and even Hawaii are seeking to emulate the improved crash statistics we are achieving here in Oregon. Pacific Driver Education is owned and operated by highly trained and experienced instructors, so families can be assured of a quality course.
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 15 – 20.
  • Teen drivers make up only 6% of all drivers, but they account for 12.9% of all fatal crashes.
  • 16 year olds have almost ten times the crash risk of drivers between the ages of 30 – 59.

And here is why you should choose Pacific Driver Education to provide this vital service to you and your family:

• Class schedules are designed to optimize student learning.

• Individualized instruction, tailored to the student’s needs.

• Clear, helpful feedback provided to parents and students after each drive lesson.

• All instructors’ qualifications exceed minimum ODOT training standards.

• Same teacher for Classroom and Behind the Wheel.

• Our ODOT approved curriculum has been shown to reduce the number of crashes and violations among novice drivers.

• Students who participate in the ODOT approved program as well as driving with parents are up to three times LESS likely to crash than those taught by parents alone. (Based on a study conducted in Oregon by NHTSA.)

• Insurance rates are likely to be significantly lower if your student takes formal, ODOT-approved Driver Education.

• Professional customer service is provided by our instructors, who are also the owners.