Proper Driving Technique Begins Before you Even Start the Engine

Drivers Ed in Oregon - who is it for? Anyone and everyone! But did you know that people who are just learning how to drive have a distinct advantage over many of us who have been driving for some time – they haven’t had the chance to develop bad driving habits yet. A large part of learning to drive is not only knowing the rules of the road, but developing safe driving habits that will hopefully last a lifetime. Chief among the most important habits to develop are the ones every driver should perform before even turning on the ignition.

Take a quick walk around the vehicle: Make sure there are no objects in front of or behind you as you prepare to drive off. Also use this opportunity to assess your tire health (i.e., pressure).

Turn off cell phones: State by state, legislatures across the US have banned the use of cell phones while driving, as they have become a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents. Be safe and talk or text on your phone while you are parked or after you have exited the vehicle.

Adjust your mirrors: Blind spots can be eliminated or decreased by checking and properly adjusting your mirrors before taking off. This is especially true if someone else has driven the vehicle before you and made adjustments.

Always use seat belts: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by at least 50%. When you are driving along in a car you are going the same speed as the vehicle. With any sudden stop, your body will still be going at that same speed. Seat belts prevent you from becoming a projectile.

Secure loose objects: Loose objects in a car, such as CD cases, change, mobile phones, etc., can become a major distraction for drivers. A 2004 study by Strategic Safety found that unsecured objects were responsible for 13k accidents nationwide in that year alone.

Check your dashboard: Check your engine warning lights, fuel gauge, seatbelt lock indicator, etc., before pulling off. Don’t assume everything is fine before driving away.

Good habits are just as easy to learn as bad habits are but they have the advantage of making you, your passenger and others on the road safer. At Pacific Driver Education, we give Oregon drivers an education that includes the basics plus we instill in them habits that last a life time. Our instructors of Drivers Ed in Oregon can instruct everyone from teen-agers who are just getting their license, adults who have not driven in some time and even fleet risk managers concerned with the safety of their fleets.