Increasing Fleet Efficiency Using Fleet Technologies

The huge role that technology plays in fleet management is undeniable. Gone are the days when large or even small scale businesses could ignore advancing technologies and simply decide to go low tech. The right fleet driver safety training is still critical, of course, but a component to any business that ships products via a large fleet is being able to gather and utilize as much data as possible. At Pacific Driver Education we encourage our clients to utilize all the methods available in addition to our fleet driver training to ensure that their fleets are efficient and that their drivers and the public are safe. Here is some software that aids in the complicated field of fleet management and how it can help supplement our instruction.

Fleet VIP: This fleet management is free and helps companies with features such as GPS tracking and alerts, vehicle mileage, vehicle cost management, and preventative maintenance due dates. (The free version covers two vehicles only.)

Fleetio: This software covers the basic needs of companies like fuel use tracking, vendor management, and GPS tracking all of which can help increase a businesses’ bottom line. It is also available for both Apple and Android devices.

Odoo Fleet Management: This software has a free and paid version. Naturally, the paid version is more feature rich than the free version. Its abilities are that it can manage your vehicles’ fuel use, costs, and insurance. The software is easy to install and to use according to customers.

Open GTS Project: GTS is not as comprehensive as some of the other fleet management software listed here but it is free and reviews for it are mostly positive. It tracks your fleet’s location but does not track things such as fuel use, maintenance and costs.

Traccar: This is an open source software whose server, according its site, supports more than 110 different communication protocols from popular vendors.” Traccar focuses on giving fleet location and helping you with driving related metrics.

Yes, software is an indispensable tool in creating and maintaining a safe and efficient fleet. But the first step is having a well trained crew. The most comprehensive software in the world is of no use if companies are not fully committed to training their crews in proper driver techniques and in the use of such software. But using a combination of our instructors - who are all certified by the DMV and ODOT Transportation Safety Division – and the latest technologies, you can take your business to the next level.