Driver Education - What is the best class size?

Driving safely is one of the most important skills your teen will learn in his or her lifetime. The ability to drive well and cultivate safe driving habits are life-long skills that can save the life of your teen and the friends they drive with too. Why not learn these lifesaving skills in the perfect classroom environment. And with instructors who have the necessary teaching skills to effectively engrain these habits into each of their students. Learning these skills is best done in the proper teaching atmosphere and we think a small class size will help your teen learn more effectively these life saving skills.

Pacific Driver Education is dedicated to keeping our class sizes small. We know that smaller class sizes make a better learning environment. Our class sizes range from 10 - 16 students. This allows us substantially more one-on-one instruction time with each student. Our curriculum exceeds Oregon State requirements with an emphasis on accident-prevention, traffic safety and defensive driving tactics which encourage low-risk driving habits.

"Small classes are more engaging places for students because they're able to have a more personal connection with teachers, simply by virtue of the fact that there are fewer kids in the classroom competing for that teacher's attention," says Adam Gamoran of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Data, from the United States, England, Hong Kong and Switzerland, were presented during the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting, the world's largest gathering of education researchers. “The findings are consistent with what researchers already know”, Gamoran says.

Researchers agree that shrinking the number of students in a class does not automatically translate into better learning. To squeeze the most out of their new settings, teachers may need to alter their teaching practices, dropping lecture-style approaches and providing more frequent feedback and interaction. This is precisely what each of the instructors at Pacific Driver Education has been able to accomplish.

During your research, for the right driver training school, be sure to ask about their class size policy. Class sizes of 30 to 60 students should concern you. There is a reason that public school teachers have been fighting for smaller class sizes for decades. CLASS SIZE MATTERS! Your student will learn better with more hands on training from our instructors.

For more on class size and its impact on learning visit Class Size Matters a not for profit organization in New York: