I took the class with Steve and lessons with skip. I have to say that skip was a very chill teacher, and was patient with me, even when I got very nervous (which happened a lot at the beginning). By the end, I had become more relaxed. Unfortunately, my first test attempt was unsuccessful, but I learned from my critical mistake (last second lane change without looking) and came back three weeks later. The second time I took my test (both times were with Damon), he said that my driving was phenomenal and one of his best all week. I only lost 3 points on the test. In conclusion, it was worth the time and special thanks to Skip and Damon for helping me get the confidence I needed.


Nick B


It was worth it. The instructors were Superb very professional and their passuon and patience, skills were commendable especially their way of teachings so conservatively neither negatively or positively. I will recommend you guys definitely. Keep up the good job. Cheers


Jose Marie Abalos


I was nervous to drive. But after my first session with my instructor, i couldn’t wait for the next chance to drive. I would recommend anyone to go “PDE”. I am a confident and safe driver thanks to them!!




I have enjoyed every bit of my driving lessons with everyone. They all explained everything when I got confused and was very very patient with me. I will be recommending this place to everyone!


Natasha Altman


It was really good experience to have a test with Lois Lents at Pacific Drive Education. She is so kind and nice person. Thank you for kindness.


Salih Kuloglu


You have great employees that are very passionate about helping others enhance/learn their driving skills. Thank you Pacific Driving! God Bless:)


- Jonah


Pacific Drivers Education is very educative and friendly too! Steve was very professional when I took my drive lessons. I highly recommend them. It's worth every dollar!


Beatrice Yates


I appreciated the guidance Pacific Driver Educated taught my son. They were friendly, organized and was true to their word. my son is now a licensed driver and a great driver as well... Thanks so much Pacific Driver Education!


Shonda Bradley


These are the words that come to our mind when we (me and my hubby) think about Pacific Drivers Education: Professional, Efficient, Friendly, Experienced, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Engaging, Organized.

It was a real breeze reserving the classes online.The staff worked with us to come up with a schedule that worked perfectly.

We took classes with both Steve and Josh. Both of them were really a joy to be around, at the same time really professional, educative and informative.

With their guidance, we were both able to get a strong understanding of important rules of the road and with their attention to detail, we were able to sharpen our driving skills.

Thank you, Pacific Drivers Education team, for your help, time, and dedication.


Heidi Cleveland


I had Josh and Steve as my instructors and they both were very knowledgeable. I already had previous driving experience but didn’t drive for 3 years so I went to Pacific Driver Education website and signed up for the private lessons. Josh met me first at my field trip location from college and then met me at my school the second time. Steve met me at my school and then for my last lesson at my home. Both helped me refine my driving skills. I would recommend this school for teen drivers and adults that need to get their license. Thank you guys so much, much appreciated.


Brandi Belz


Excellent! I’m happy to be driving again. Damon is awesome! I highly recommended for drive tests and driver education. I’d give more stars if I could.


Patrick Taylor


Took this class to finally try and get over my fear of driving. I didn’t have the luxury of being taught by people with the patience to stay calm and not yell/be overly critical while I learned to drive in my late 20s, so I avoided driving as much as possible. At 33, it was time to get over this hump and try professional lessons. Lois was more amazing than I could have imagined. She was so informative (I learned mind-blowing tips about the car that even my husband didn’t know), patient, calm (even when hitting the breaks for me) and NICE! She didn’t make me feel like an idiot when I’d make a mistake, but instead would calmly go over what the mistake was and how to correct it in the future. I wish I’d found someone like her years ago, but am so thankful I did now. Thank you!


Nikki Slaughter-Adams


My instructors Steve and Josh were great! They gave me really good advice and tips which led me to a perfect score on my test. I would recommend anyone to take lessons from them. It was well worth it, I’m left with good safe driving and good habits.


Chanelle Setzer


My instructor (Josh, by the way, lovely fellow, quite a joy to drive with) really helped me get to a point where not only did I know WHAT to do when driving on the open road, but where I understood WHY I was doing the things he taught me. This was an incredibly helpful course, one that I’d recommend to any new driver looking for just the right amount of knowledge to become a competent driver.


- Matthew


Pao is a great instructor! I was VERY afraid of driving, and thanks to him I was able to keep my fear under control and pass the test.


- Clara