Will I (or my son or daughter) be safe with your instructors?     +

  • The safety of our students is our primary concern (in fact, that’s exactly WHY we are passionate about low-risk driving!). All of our vehicles are equipped with modern safety features including anti-lock brakes and air bags, are outfitted with instructor brakes and mirrors, and are clearly marked as driver education vehicles. Each of our instructors is committed to providing the best possible instruction which starts with minimizing risk during every lesson. In addition, all instructors have been vetted and approved by the Oregon DMV and DOT, and have passed the same criminal background checks required of licensed teachers in Oregon.
  • Other schools teach two-hour lessons – why are your private drive lessons shorter?
  • Lesson length is a balance between having enough time to learn and practice behaviors without going so long that fatigue becomes a problem. We have found that 90 minutes provides the best balance for most students, though in some cases we may recommend a 60-minute lessons instead