Which Driver’s Training Class Is Right for You?

Learning how to drive is not an easy task, and it becomes even more challenging when you’re taking an online driving class instead of in-person sessions. That’s why selecting the right training class is important for you. We at Pacific Driver Education offer the best all-around learning experience from vetted, professional instructors. We have a host of driver ed classes online, making it easy for students to select the one that’s most suitable for them! Visit our website to learn more or schedule a test!

Understanding Your Preferences

At Pacific Driver Education, we strive to understand your preferences to help you master driving quickly and effectively. Our online driver ed courses are designed to meet the unique needs of all individuals, helping them learn just what they want.

Whether it be a driving test or just brushing up on existing skills, we’ve got you covered with an assortment of courses! Our training modules follow a specially designed curriculum to maximize learning and to help our students achieve their driving goals in a short period of time.


Courses For All Persons

We offer different driver ed courses to accommodate all types of people. No matter if you’re a busy parent or a student with lots of pending assignments, we offer various flexible courses that you can easily participate in to begin your learning journey.

For instance, our PDE Intro to Driving is an interactive online course that we have designed for all types of busy folks. And the ODOT driver ed course is meant for those who need in-person classroom instruction. No matter which route you choose, you get the best learning experience with us!

Why Choose Us?

Preparing For Your Driving Test

At Pacific Driver Education, we also help you prepare for the DMV driving test. Getting your Oregon driver’s license can unlock doors to your independence. And helping you do that makes us more than happy!

Our certified driving instructors teach you everything — from the basics of driving to all the traffic rules you need to know to pass your test and, more importantly, to become a confident driver.

Sign Up for an Online Driving Course Today

If you’re looking to sharpen your driving skills via a structured program tailored to your needs, visit Pacific Driver Education at 1520 NE 8th St during office hours to get enrolled! You can also join one of our many online driver’s ed courses by visiting our website!

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